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How To Make Moravian Stars

Learn How To Make 3D Paper Stars

paper moravian star
How to Make Moravian Stars:
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How to Make Moravian Stars:
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How to Make Moravian Stars:
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6 point 3D paper star

8 point 3D paper star

12 point 3D paper star

20 point 3D paper star

26 point paper moravian star

26 point pape star of Bethlehem

32 point 3d paper star

Instructions on How to Make Moravian Stars Out of Paper

lighted paper moravian stars

"How to Make Moravian Stars" Includes Detailed Instructions on How to Design Patterns, and Construct 3D Paper Stars

Book on How to Make Paper Moravian Stars

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Anyone can learn how to make beautiful paper Moravian stars, and other types of paper stars. This book explains the process of designing your own paper star patterns, and details the steps and techniques of construction. The 6 included patterns are ready to cut, and will give the reader a comprehensive knowledge of how to design and construct 3D paper stars of all sorts. View Table of Contents


assembly of a paper moravian star

6 Different Paper Star Patterns Included! - Ready to Be Cut and Assembled.

6 point 3-d paper star 6 point 3-d paper star 6 point 3-d paper star
6-point 3D Paper Star
(North Star)
8-point 3D Paper Star
(triangular points)
12-point 3D Paper Star
(pentagonal points)
6 point 3-d paper star 6 point 3-d paper star 6 point 3-d paper star
20-point 3D Paper Star
(triangular points)
26-point 3D Paper Star
(Traditional Moravian Star)
26-point 3D Paper Star
(Star of Bethlehem)

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About the
This site sells printed patterns ready to be cut and assmbled. Each pattern comes with general instructions and a sequence of photos to illustrate the assembly process.

The book "How to Make Moravian Stars" is recommended reading for all who wish to make any of our patterns. The book describes in detail each step involved in the six included paper star projects as well as all other paper star patterns sold here. Helpful photos and illustrations make the process crystal clear.

The book will also teach you how to design your own patterns.
View Table of Contents

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