paper moravian star

How To Make Moravian Stars

Learn How To Make 3D Paper Stars

paper moravian star
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26 point paper moravian star

26 point pape star of Bethlehem

32 point 3d paper star

Unique Marriage Proposal Idea

Make a Unique Ring Box Using a Paper Star Pattern.

color 3d paper star craft project


First, present her the beautiful hand made paper star that YOU personally made JUST FOR HER.

Then open the star to reveal the ring inside!
(top and bottom can be hinged as shown, or the top can come off like the lid to a cookie jar.)

OR, you could leaver her hanging... thinking "that's all you got?" then tell her to open the star herself.

After she says "YES!", you will have the star to use as an ornament that will remind you of this special occasion for the rest of your lives. In fact, it's a perfect place to put an engagement photo!

The Design shown here uses the pattern a small 26 point Moravian Star (#26PTM-0.75) although many other patterns would also work nicely. The inside of the star can be finished in any way you like. We recommend lining the inside with velvet cloth, and creating 2 small "pillows" (just wrap some cotton with the cloth used to line the inside) in the bottom half to wedge the ring between.

Small 26-point Moravian Star
#26PTM-0.75 (7" x 7" x 7")

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