paper moravian star

How To Make Moravian Stars

Learn How To Make 3D Paper Stars

paper moravian star
How to Make Moravian Stars:
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How to Make Moravian Stars:
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How to Make Moravian Stars:
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Paper Star Patterns
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Make a Paper Star
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6 point 3D paper star

8 point 3D paper star

12 point 3D paper star

20 point 3D paper star

26 point paper moravian star

26 point pape star of Bethlehem

32 point 3d paper star

Instructions on How to Make a Paper Star of Bethlehem Lamp

Star of Bethlehem Lamp
Actual finished Star of Bethlehem lantern made using this pattern.


How to Make a Paper Star of Bethlehem Lantern
Learn how to make a Star of Bethlehem to use as a lamp, lantern, Christmas tree topper, or simply a hanging decorative ornament.

26 point paper star of Bethlehem
Large 26-point
Star of Bethlehem Paper Lamp

3D Paper Star of Bethlehem Pattern and Instructions:
Assembled Dimensions: approx. 13.5" x 13.5" x 17" inches

Illuminable Paper Star of Bethlehem pattern printed on acid free 110 lb. card stock. Ready to be cut and assembled. This is Only the paper lantern. No other hardware is provided.



Book on How to Make Paper Moravian Stars

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    Photos from of Paper Stars of Bethlehem from previous customers.
    Star of Bethlehem Christmas Tree Ornament hand made paper star of Bethlehem
These are both actual samples of the pattern #26BTB-1.00 which is included with the book.

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